New Patients Welcome!    (239) 939-4737

If you are a first time visitor, we will greet you as you walk into the office and provide you with a tour of our office.  We respect your time and do everything possible to make this a smooth and efficient appointment.  We also understand that patients can be apprehensive when visiting the dentist so we take every possible measure to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Your initial appointment may be a bit more thorough that what you are accustomed to.  Thorough dentistry requires an in depth understanding of your needs as well as your wants.  Drs. Bass and Donovan will review  your dental and medical history as well a comprehensive exam of your teeth, gums, head, and neck.  Your overall health is just as important to us as your dental health and our goal is to keep you free from problems for years to come.

After the examination, we will discuss with you the findings.  If you have dental needs, they will be discussed with you in detail.  We believe that dental care is a team effort and ensure that you are comfortable and empowered in determining the outcome of your treatment.  Our doctors and staff are always happy to spend as much time as you need to answer your questions and make sure that you will be happy with any treatment that we provide.

   Rachel Donovan D.M.D.
5248 Red Cedar Drive, Suite 101
Fort Myers, FL 33907